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Every wedding is unique, reflecting the individual tastes and styles of the bride and groom. The wedding is the most important day of one's life, and nobody wants to hire an inexperienced DJ, as music can make - or break - any wedding. 
When browsing for DJs, it's important to find someone experienced that will do the event justice; unlike other events where you can hire an alternate DJ the next time, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 
Just like any other profession, providing wedding DJ services requires one's skills to be top-notch. 

DJ BEHNOOD is one to give due consideration, as he has 15+ years of experience, and takes a personal part in his performances - and this dedication to your perfect night is what sets DJ BEHNOOD apart from the other DJ service providers you may find.


“ Behnood couldn’t have been more professional, entertaining, and understanding regarding all of our musical needs. Our wedding day was amazing and the DJ played a key role in making it a night we will always remember.”

Sandy Williams


 CA United States 

(310) 951-2466

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